...And The Saga Continues - Making Enemies & Burning Bridges

  • Artist: ...And The Saga Continues
  • Category: Rock
  • Name: Making Enemies & Burning Bridges
  • Size: 1456mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


A1 Snakesking
A2 Cover-Up
A3 Getting Out Of The Comfort Zone
A4 Paranoid But Not In A Good Way Like Black Sabbath
A5 Work Hard Play Hard Live Hard
A6 Big Talker Small Thinker
A7 Another Day Another Dollar
A8 A Moment Of Clarity Gone Down The Toilet
A9 Minus 40 And Dropping
A10 Sometimes You Feel Like A Sack Of Shit SometimesYou Are A Bag Of Shit
A11 The War On Me The War On You
A12 Equality Is A State Of Mind
A13 Stupid Is A Stupid Does
A14 The Pettiness That Is Quebec
A15 Let's Face The Faxe
A16 Helping People
A17 The Tale Of One Brother
A18 Peek-A-Boo Guess Who
A19 A Lovely Monday Morning
A20 Master Of Asster
A21 Bile And Blood
A22 Making Enemies And Smashing Everything
A23 Work Baby Work
A24 One Party Rule
A25 We're On The Treshold Of Hell
B1 The World Is Drowning In A Sea Of Mediocrity
B2 Buzzed Out Of My Mind
B3 No Brew No Sagu
B4 Walking Till The End Of The Earth
B5 American Rendition
B6 The Stranger
B7 Mom & Pops Don't Work Here No More
B8 Chain Stores Suck Except For Their Holiday Beer Specials
B9 Incompetent Bureaucracy
B10 Really Living Free
B11 You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do To Get Where You Gotta Go
B12 Looking In
B13 Pigeon Time For Louise
B14 Truths Of The World
B15 The Dis-Beat Extravaganza
B16 Smile... It's A Happy Day In A Happy World
B17 King Of The Grudge Match
B18 New Wave Forward
B19 Go To The Hospital To Get Sick And Die
B20 The Trinity-The Snake The Fridge & The Pineapple
B21 Cold And Restless
B22 G.W.B.T.H. (George W. Bush The Hypocrite)
B23 Monument To Corruption


Recorded at Studio Makina on March 25th and 26th 2008.
300 copies pressed w/ full color booklet and sticker.